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发布者:Diming Lu,发布时间:2009年9月6日 上午10:08

1.Absent-minded 心不在焉

2.Be of two minds 三心二意

3.A close mouth catches no files 口紧不招祸

4.Talk much,and err much 言多必失

5.Actions speak louder than words 事实胜于雄辩

6.A fox in a lamb’a skin 披着羊皮的狼

7.A piece of junk 一文不值

8.A smooth article 八面玲珑的人

9.A spanish athlete 吹牛的人

10.Talk big 说大话

11.All at sea 茫然不知所措

12.An lnch breaks no square 鸡毛蒜皮,无关大局

13.Advice when most needed is least heeded 忠言逆耳

14.Anything wrong? 有什么不对吗?

15.what’s wrong? 有什么问题?

16.Any question? 有问题吗?

17.Appetite comes with eating 得陇望蜀

18.As easy as A B C 易如反掌

19.a piece of cake 太容易了

20.as easy as pie 小菜一碟

21.It’s duck soup 真是轻而易举

22.ask me a harder! 问点新鲜的!

23.first think,and then speak 三思而后行

24.bad news travels fast 好事不出门,坏事传千里

25.he who says what he likes shall hear what he does not like 言多必失

26.be serious!认真点!严肃点!

27.business is business 公事公办

28.count me on 算我一个

29.devil’s luck 真倒霉

30.bad luck! 真倒霉!

31.an ox is known by his note,the man by his words.祸从口出

32.diamond cuts diamond 强中自有强中手

33.don’t make a fuss 别大惊小怪!

34.a storm in a tea cup 小题大做

35.much ado about nothing 小题大做,无事空忙

36.make a mountain out of a molehill 小题大做,夸大困难

37.talk of the devil,and he is sure to appear 说曹操,曹操就到

38.don’t mention it! 打住!

39.dumb as a wooden indian 愚蠢的像木头人一样

40.easier said than done 说时容易做时难

41.even worse 其结果更糟

42.when the word is out,it belongs to another 一言既出,驷马难追

43.every dog has his day 人人都有得意时

44.fell better? 感觉好一点了吗?

45.nothing hurts like the truth 良药苦口,忠言逆耳

46.fish in troubled water 浑水摸鱼

47.all that glitters is not gold 闪光的未必都是金子

48.follow suit 跟牌;照着做

49.me,too 我和你一样

50.the same 和你一样

51.appearance are deceptive 人不可貌相

52.forget it 算了吧;过去就过去了;别往心里去;不行

53.for the love of mike 看在上帝的份上;千万,务必

54.get it? 明白了吗?

55.the bait hides the hook 笑里藏刀

56.get the sack 被解雇了

57.be fired 被解雇

58.be kicked out 被开除

59.give somebody the sack 解雇某人

60.god knows! 天知道!

61.the land knows 天晓得

62.call a spade a spade 直言不讳

63.god sends fortune to fools 傻人有傻福

64.fortune favors fools 傻人有傻福

65.fools have fortune 傻人有傻福

66.dress up a stick and it does not seem to be a stick 人靠衣裳,马靠鞍

67.go ahead 说吧;继续做某事;可以

68.blessed is he who expects nothing,for he shall never be disappointed 知足者常乐

69.great minds think alike 英雄所见略同

70.you said it 你说得对

71.that makes two of us 咱们倆想的一样

72.I’ll say 我同意你的看法

73.I’m with you 我同意你的看法

74.that’s it 的确如此

75.all covet,all lose 贪多必失

76.ham it up 做得过分了

77.haste makes waste 欲速则不达

78.here goes! 看我的!

79.hold your jaw! 别多嘴!

80.stop your jaw! 住口!

81.shut up! 住嘴!

82.wag one’s tongue/jaw 喋喋不休

83.content is more than a kingdom 知足者常乐

84.how come? 怎么会呢?

85.how is that? 怎么会那样呢?

86.no that!不是那回事!

87.bread is the stall to life 民以食为天

88.how so? 事情怎么会这样呢?

89.I can’t agree more 我完全同意

90.I agree completely 我完全同意你的观点

91.I think so 我是这么认为的

92.I’m on your side 我支持你

93.every little helps 积少成多

94.I come from missouri 我不会轻易相信的

95.I make it 我成功了

96.I’m easy 我无所谓

97.I’m fed up 对这个我腻透了

98.I mean business 我说的是真的,不是开玩笑

99.are you kidding?你开玩笑的吧?

100.don’t pull my leg 别愚弄我了

101.don’t play a joke on me 别拿我开玩笑哦

102.I’m serious 我是认真的

103.give him an inch,and he’ll take a mile 得寸进尺

104.if you insist 恭敬不如从命

105.it all depends 视情况而定

106.it works 好用

107.It will do 好用

108.hunger is the best sauce 饥不择食

109.It’s beyond me 这个我可不懂

110.It’s good money 那可是赚钱的买卖

111.It’s bad money 那可是蚀本的买卖;赔本的投资

112.It’s the first stept that costs 万事开头难

113.well begun is half done 良好的开始是成功的一半

114.a good beginning is half the battle 好的开端就等于成功了一半

115.everything must have a beginning 凡事都需要有个开头

116.lazy dog 懒东西

117.leave me alone 让我一个人呆一会儿

118.In for a penny,in for a pound 一不做,二不休

119.let it go 随他去吧

120.keep something for a rainy day 未雨绸缪

121.let’s bygones(过去的,以往的)be bygones 既往不咎

122.no post-mortem 既往不咎

123.like father,like son 有其父必有其子

124.like begets like 子肖其父

125.like teacher,like pupil 有其师必有其徒

126.like for like 以牙还牙

127.tit for tat 针锋相对

128.look before you leap 三思而后行

129.think before you act三思而后行

130.measure thrice and cut once 三思而后行

131.second thoughts are best 三思而后行

132.think today and speak tomorrow 熟思而后言

133.first think,then speak 先思而后言

134.you can’t sell the cow and drink the milk 两者不可兼得

135.make it snappy(厉声说话的;没好气的)!快点干!

136.look snappy! 赶快!

137.hurry up! 快点儿!

138.make yourself at home 随便点;别客气

139.meet one’s match 棋逢对手;遇到棘手的事

140.nothing venture,nothing have 不入虎穴,焉得虎子

141.miles better 好得多

142.mind your own business 别管闲事

143.none of your business.不管你的事

144.go about your business. 把你自己的事管好

145.don’t poke/push your nose into other’s business. 别干涉别人的事

146.a man without a smilling face must not open a shop.和气生财

147.mind your P’s and Q’s. 谨言慎行(英国的小学生开始读书时经常把“P”与“Q”混淆,大人们告诉孩子们要小心)

148.watch your step. 小心点

149.misfortunes never come alone. 祸不单行

150.money makes mare go 有钱能使鬼推磨

151.money talks 金钱万能

152.much of a muchness 半斤八两

153.much will have more 越有越贪

154.store is no sore 有备无患

155.my favorite 这是我最喜欢的

156.never heard of it 从来没有听说过

157.never put off till tomorrow 今日事,今日毕

158.never say die 永不言败

159.nice work! 干的漂亮!

160.no offencee 不想冒犯你,别见怪

161.no picnic 不是一件容易的事

162.no such thing 没有的事

163.such a life,such a death 善有善报,恶有恶报

164.don’t get too personal 不要管他人的事

165.nonsense 胡说八道!

166.not on your life 你休想

167.not that! 不是那么回事!

168.too much of one thing is good for nothing 过犹不及

169.not worth a bean 一文不值

170.nothing matters to me 我无所谓;什么都行

171.It’s doesn’t make any difference to me 这对我来说没什么区别

172.as you like 随你的便

173.think not on what you lack s much as on what you have 知足常乐

174.now yoou’re talking 说得对

175.for my money 中我的意,符合我的心愿

176.that’s the talk! 对!不错!正是这样!

177.that’s the stuff! 说的对!做得对!

178.oil and water will not mix 水火不相容

179.better a glorious death than a shameful life 宁为玉碎,不为瓦全

180.once in a blue moon 千载难逢

181.one false move may lose the game 一招走错,全盘皆输

182.prevention is better than cure 防患于未然

183.perhaps some other day 改天吧

184.plain sailing 太容易了;一帆风顺

185.smooth sailing 一帆风顺

186.please don’t bother 请不要费心了

187.pour oil on fire 火上浇油

188.pour oil on the flame(s) 火上浇油

189.pour oil on the (troubled)waters 调停争议;平息风波

190.Psycho 神经病

191.pull oneself together 操作起来

192.cheer up! 不要灰心,打起精神来!

193.brace up! 鼓起精神来

194.pull up your socks! 振作起来

195.chin up! 不要垂头丧气(抬起头来)!

196.everybody’s business is nobody’s business 三个和尚没水喝

197.rubbish! 废话!无聊!

198.same as ever 一切如故

199.the usual rounds 老样子

200.nothing too bad 还凑合

201.just so-so 一般吧

202.search me 真让你考住了;我不知道

203.you’ve got me there! 这下你可难道我了

204.that’s a good question 这可把我难倒了

205.men are blind in their own cause 当局者迷

206.serve you right 活该

207.small potatoes 小人物

208.sold again! 又上当了

209.I’ve been sold! 我被欺骗了

210.I’ve been cheated 我又上当了

211.speak of the devil 说曹操,曹操到

212.speak the same language 志同道合

213.have smoething in common 有共同语言

214.the mills of god grind slowly 天网恢恢,疏而不漏

215.take it easy 放松点

216.take it or leave it 要不要随你的便

217.take one’s time 别着急,慢慢来

218.easy does it 别着急,慢慢来

219.take things as they come 既来之,则安之

220.a miss is as good as a mile 失之毫厘,差之千里

221.there is no smoke without fine 无风不起浪,事出必有因

222.tall trees catch much wind 树大招风

223.after a storm comes a calm 否极泰来,雨过天晴

224.tastes differ 人各有好

225.there is no accounting for tastes 人各有好

226.one man’s meat is another man’s posion 你认为是佳肴我却认为是毒药

227.that’s a bargain 买的真便宜

228.a good buy 便宜货

229.a bad buy 吃亏的买卖

230.that’s it 就是这么回事

231.that’s more like it 这样才对;这样才像话

232.that’s my cup of tea 这是我喜欢的

233.that’s nothing 没什么;小意思

234.that’s what I want 这正是我想做(要说)的事情

235.all lay loads on a willing horse 能者多劳

236.the early bird catches the worm 捷足先登

237.the mountain in labour 雷声大,雨点小

238.the mountain have brought forth a mouse 费大力收获小

239.all talk and no cider 干打雷不下雨

240.the shoe is on the other foot 情况不大一样

241.there is nothing to it 太简单了;太容易了

242.there you go again 你又来这套了

243.all roads lead to Rome 条条大路通罗马/殊途同归

244.things are in good train 事情很顺利

245.better bend than break 大丈夫能屈能伸

246.things will be better 一切都会好起来的

247.better late than never 亡羊补牢,犹未晚矣

248.times chnge 时代不同了

249.constant dripping wears away the stone 滴水穿石

250.time cures all things 时间能够医治所有的创伤

251.time is the best healer 时间是最好的医生

252.every medal has two sides 事情都是一分为二的

253.to err is human 犯错是人之常情

254.too much for him 对他来说太难了

255.god helps those who help themselves 自助者天助

256.two’s company,three’s none 两个和尚抬水吃,三个和尚没水吃

257.everybody’s business is nobody’s business 三个和尚没水吃

258.up to you 你自己决定

259.walls have ears 隔墙有耳

260.watch one’s step 小心点;留神

261.well done ! 做得好!

262.he that fights and runs away may live to fight another day 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧

263.what are you going to sell ? 你葫芦里买的是什么药?

264.what can you do about it ? 你有什么办法?看你能把我怎么样?

265.No cross, no crown 吃得苦中苦,方为人上人

266.what wind blows you here ?  什么风把你吹来了?

267.what brings you here ? 什么风把你吹来了?

268.man proposes,god dispose 谋事在人,成事在天

269.whatever you say 听你的;你说了算

270.what’s it to you ? 她和你有什么关系?

271.things done cannot be undone 覆水难收

272.what’s the good word ?有什么好消息?

273.beauty is in the eye of the beholder 情人眼里出西施

274.what’up ?怎么了?发生了什么事?

275.what is going on ?发生了什么事?

276.what’s cooking 发生什么事?

277.what goes? 发生了生么事?

278.East or west, home is best 无论身在何处,家是最好的

279.when the devil is blind 绝不可能

280.love me, love my dog 爱屋及乌

281.when there’s life, there’s hope 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧

282.birds of a feather flock together 物以类聚,人以群分

283.worth it

284.you let me down 你让我失望了

285.you said it 你说对了

286.faith will move mountains 精诚所至,金石为开

287.you are another ! 你也不例外!

288.a near friend is better than a far-dwelling kinsman 远亲不如近邻

289.you’re killing me 我真让你逗死了